Located in a Greek prison Russian Alexander Vinnik, extradition sought by Moscow, Washington and Paris, was rejected at the meeting of the Thessaloniki court of all charges in the address from France. This was reported by the Consul General of Russia in Thessaloniki Alexander Shcherbakov.

“The court session was held today to review the request of France for the extradition winnik. Winnick categorically rejects all the accusations on the part of France, and argues that any illegal actions he didn’t commit.”

According to Scherbakova, the court in Thessaloniki on 11 July decided to announce the decision of July 13:

“It is quite a normal meeting. The last time the meeting was postponed from July 6 to July 11, because he was not warned lawyers winnik, and now [the judge] heard all the legal arguments that were presented to them, and decided that we need to study it, so I decided to continue the meeting on 13 July.”

Recall that in may, accused of money-laundering and fraud with cryptocurrency winnick twice appealed to law enforcement agencies and the authorities of the Russian Federation and wrote a letter with a request to protect him and to return home in exchange for knowledge and experience in the blockchain-the field that he is ready “to apply for the benefit of Russia”. And in January 2018, he asked for political asylum from the authorities of Greece.

At the end of June it became known that his extradition now except the USA and Russia requires even one country – France. Charges French law enforcement agencies relate to hacking a group of hackers involving winnik’s e-mail of thousands of users and further to extort them of money.