Online encyclopedia Wikipedia is accepting donations in bitcoin in 2014, switched to services of the crypto-processing service BitPay, which will allow it to work even with Bitcoin Cash.

“Our sponsors are demonstrating a growing interest in various cryptocurrencies, and therefore Bitcoin payments Cash was a natural decision, – said the Director of payments solutions, the Wikimedia Foundation PAC Foam. – We accept donations worldwide and aim to provide a wide variety of payment options.””Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash are one of the most cost-efficient payment options and allow you to transfer more money to charity and not to the payment of commissions”, – said the commercial Director BitPay Sonny Singh.

According to Bitpay, the amount of the charitable payments made using the cryptocurrency has increased significantly in recent times. Especially active people make such transactions at the end of the year, in order to receive tax privileges. The company says it has processed several multi-million dollar transactions in favor of non-profit organizations and looks forward to maintaining the trend this year.

In August of last year, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales stated that he excludes the possibility of ICO or release of cryptocurrency for their nonprofit organization.

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