Yesterday analysts Chainalysis had a pretty interesting webinar about the myths of the stock market. According to them, the whales with huge amounts of BTC for their own accounts do not bear almost no threat to the industry. The researchers also described criteria for the identification of whales, their types, and investment strategies depending on the project.

Don’t worry

So, all the major players of the market can be divided into three categories: criminal whales, early investors and whales trading. Also provides criteria for the identification of these individuals. To be considered a whale in the Bitcoin ecosystem have Cash, you have to own at least 30 thousand BCH. But for large holders of Bitcoin will be enough half of the sum — 15 thousand BTC.

It is noteworthy that the wallets early investors “lost” from 9 to 5 percent of the total number of coins in circulation. One of the reasons for stable inflation Bitcoin because of mining. However, some whales still have merged some of their coins in the previous Bullring.

These studies cannot be considered very accurate, as the anonymity of Bitcoin does not allow to identify the people that stand behind different addresses. Instead of one whale, a large number of BTC can own and trusted. the Good news is, whoever it was, he is not a serious threat to the market.

Of course, mass selling BTC at the market price could seriously undermine the market. But even now he is in a very strong oversold. Most traders will likely flushed buy bitcoins at the best price, and attempt to break from the bears will not be successful.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Criminal whales — that is, those who received their status through the activities on the darknet — it is harmless to Bitcoin prices. According to analysts, the market players do not merge large batch of BTC on the exchanges and withdraw their money gradually through private altcoins.