President of a leading European financial analysis and investment website ADVFN expert Clem chambers has shared his opinion on why decentralized cryptocurrency uncompromising — this is something that will change the world economy.

On 23 July I wrote an article on the decentralization of cryptocurrency called “Dogecoin and decentralization”, after a few days the price of this coin jumped up.

In the article I wrote about the fact that trust in decentralized, open, consensus-based cryptocurrency to realizing the dream of the Creator of bitcoin on victorious March to the world digital currency, and centralized coins and tokens and closed blackany that do not know who owns my trust does not apply.

Dogecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Variations from centralization to decentralization and back is as old as the world dynamics. Today the dreams of decentralization are partly connected with the change of the social order and the disappearance of the class of middlemen that tell us what to think, and charge us money for it, controlling all the major money flows of the economy. If the Internet broke through the information blockade, the cryptocurrency extend the bottlenecks of the economy.

And the blockchain can do that.

Power because they do not like the blockchain over time, it threatens to destroy a whole class of business models, like Amazon did to the retail trade.

It’s simple: if the blockchain is purely thermodynamically more efficient than the traditional alternative, he will win, if not, then the current “aces” have nothing to fear. However, they are afraid, because the market chooses efficiency, and therefore, many financial giants gladly would have erased the blockchain and cryptocurrency with the face of the earth — if I could.

But this Genie will not drive to the bottle — like the Internet at the time.

Dogecoin is a joke coin created on the forum Reddit. As it happens, the jokes were born huge and important phenomenon, because ever since Satoshi Nakamoto published an article describing the concept of bitcoin, the only thing that can limit the spread of cryptocurrency, the laws of Economics.

Dogecoin is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency; it exists, no one is in control, and she’s completely invulnerable.

No wonder Dogecoin is doing well is an uncompromising cryptocurrency supported by the community with talented developers and devoid of a spider in the center that sucks the juice out of all, to whom you can reach out to buy himself another yacht.

The fact is that really decentralized cryptocurrencies such scale is not much, and if you subtract bitcoin, their total capitalization will be not so great — a couple of billion dollars.

Just cryptocurrencies are still young. The manufacturer of gadgets could cost trillions, and Amazon can — despite the fact that just a few years ago it seemed that such a sum can be derived from the crisis, the world economy, and cryptocurrency on this background is lost. But do not be deceived — they grow, and the demand for them is huge.

If you believe in the idea of cryptocurrency, now is the time to buy some coins truly decentralized project. It will take a little time, you will understand everything that happens, prices will again be exponentially growing, and greedy will have to invest much more than perspicacious to them.

What happened with Dogecoin over the last few days perfectly illustrates the potential of leading uncompromising cryptocurrency. Do not be greedy, add this project to your portfolio and let the world goes in the direction of our common future is inevitable

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