Coin exchange Binance took eighth place in the ranking of CoinMarketCap. Today Binance Coin offer 13.92 dollar, which is 4.5 percent above yesterday’s result. In early December, the BNB exchange rate stood at 4.3 per dollar, so a significant increase. Such a rate it has a chance to update the historical maximum to 24.46 dollar, which was recorded on January 12 last year. But why is the coin so rapidly increasing in price, what are the main preconditions for this? Understand.

At the end of November last year at Ethereumworldnews briefly touched on several fundamental factors that lead BNB to conquer the markets to 2019. Since this list has been enriched with new theses.

Recent record high BNB. Source: Binance

First of all, Chanpen Zhao increasingly consider to be the most responsive CEO of crypto currency exchange the present. In addition to this BNB provide users of the exchange discount commissions tokens. In addition, the site strongly encourages you to accumulate BNB, offering a special referral bonus.

BNB is used to support and invest in new projects in Launchpad Binance. Not so long ago Binance launched in testate own decentralized exchange. The new ground guide promises to give 100 thousand dollars in Coin Binance.

Growth is facilitated and the announcements of launching its own chain Binance Chain, which allows you to move the BNB with the standard ERC-20 on a new blockchain.

We must not forget about the quarterly burning of the redeemed token BNB. During ICO Binance in circulation were issued 200 million tokens, half of which the stock exchange has promised to redeem and to destroy, thereby strengthening the liquidity of the remaining hundreds. Until now, the company regularly held promise.

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