Journalists site Block find out to which banks resorted popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Their report brings clarity to the question of whether Bitfinex are faced with problems.

Let us not forget that on Bitfinex there were faults with the input and output of the funds that gave rise to suspicions of insolvency. Then Noble Bank, which in the past collaborated with the Tether, was put up for sale. Further, when Binance and Kucoin has suspended trading in the Tether, the price of bitcoin on these exchanges rapidly increased. Finally, the Tether company transferred its assets in Deltec Bank partly eased concerns about Bitfinex and USTD.

Amid all these troubles many, the question arises, what banks use other exchanges. Journalists site Block built the list of credit organizations, which collaborate cryptocurrency platform:

Block alludes to the fact that Bitfinex wants to hide information: “Apparently, Bitfinex is the only major company opening accounts under the “alternative” names.” Probably this secrecy was the cause of criticism and suspicion.

The list is not BitMEX, which does not trade on its platform the American dollar and registered in the Seychelles.

Problems in banking services in the cryptocurrency sphere is quite common. Last year they faced even extremely popular Coinbase, according to Business Insider.

A similar trend is observed worldwide. So, last week the canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce had the Bank freeze the account with $28 million, owned cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX, and the Reserve Bank of India has recently banned all banks in the country cooperation with cryptocurrency platforms.

According to the materials of the Crypto Globe