Analysts of the rating Agency Weiss Ratings has expressed the view that in the coming years, the digital asset XRP will surpass the first cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Payment networks tend to have a higher value to society than stores of value. That’s why we expect payment networks like #XRP to take over #BTC in terms of market cap in years to come – not necessarily 2019. #crypto #bitcoin #altcoins

— Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) 8 January 2019 R.

“The payment network, usually to society more value than a store of value. That’s why we expect payment network like XRP will surpass BTC in terms of capitalization in the coming years”

Twitter users immediately criticized this statement:

Great change, I remember when in 2018 XRP wasn’t even rated on your site 😅

— CryptomOOniaK (@CryptomOOniaK) 8 January 2019 R.

“A big change. I remember that in 2018 XRP wasn’t even in the rankings for your website”

User Crypto Kevin dared to assume that it will happen before the year 2100, because these processes occur slowly:

I hope this will happen sometime between NOW and 2100. These things are slow — like a turtle.

— Crypto Kevin (@kevindixon) 8 January 2019 R.

Bitshares World noted that the volume of the market of gold more than the capitalization of all existing payment networks:

Uhhh what? Gold alone has a higher market cap than all payment networks combined.

— Bitshares World (@Trexicon8) 8 January 2019 R.

Previously, Weiss Ratings analysts expressed the opinion that some altcoins will be able to return to the price highs and even grow 20 times.