A popular Chinese instant messenger WeChat was suddenly blocked account mining company Bitmain advertising equipment for mining cryptocurrency. According to CoinDesk, on 10 September in the black list of the messenger were account antminersale.

In a statement WeChat says:

After complaints from users of the platform checked the account activity and found that this account deals with the dissemination of information and products without appropriate license and accreditation.

However, another account Bitmain in the same messenger — antminer_official is still active and continues to advance the mining equipment. Representatives from Bitmain is no comment in connection with the decision of WeChat is not allowed.

WeChat, the popular messaging app in China, owned by Internet giant Tencent. It disseminates information about cryptosphere among users, but recently, the administration of the messenger suddenly decided to block the accounts of electronic media, specializing in providing content about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain.