Platform Waves has announced the launch of a new project aimed at the development of video games based on technology of the distributed registry.

The Waves team determined the prize Fund of 1 million WAVES (about $1.920.000) in order to motivate developers to use as a basis for their games blockchain Waves. Be encouraged to be the authors of only those video games, that will be considered commercially promising.

For its part, the Waves are ready to provide an entire ecosystem for game development, including:

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) to simplify integration
  • The ability to create their own platform for trade and exchange in-game elements
  • Special extension to the browser and mobile wallet, which facilitates interaction with bloccano

Also in the new project developers wishing to embed the technology Waves in their games, will be offered detailed advice, as well as organized support, including assistance with technical integration and documentation that is necessary.

The Waves team is particularly interested in games that offer the user any licenzirovanie assets. According to the founder and head Waves Alexander Ivanov, blockchain, the company is ideally suited to the needs of the modern gaming industry:

“I believe that the developers with enthusiasm perceive the blockchain Waves and contribute to its wide dissemination. We will give them the opportunity to test the technology and are willing to reward the developers for creating projects in our ecosystem”.

Waves are confident that the network speed up to 1000 transactions per second with confirmation in just a few seconds in combination with the minimal Commission payment, equal to half cents of the U.S. dollar, can make your current gaming initiative is the first viable project of this kind.

We will remind that in may of this year in the blockchain Waves have been extracted millionth unit. And in June, the project has updated the PoS algorithm and changed the mechanism of payment of a fee to miners.