Blockchain platform Waves has announced the release of the updated Protocol 0.13.3-enhanced algorithm Proof of Stake (PoS), the possibility of removing tokens and a new mechanism of payment of a fee to miners. About this magazine ForkLog said the representatives of the company.

Update Fair Proof of Stake equalizes opportunities for the creation of units for large and small miners. PoS allows miners to receive compensation for the extraction of tokens in proportion to their balance WAVES, but in practice the large miners usually get the opportunity to create more units.

The function of the burning will allow users to delete from their portfolios of spam tokens, making them cryptographically inaccessible.

“Another important update Protocol are sponsored transactions. After activating the issuers of the tokens will have to Deposit tokens in the WAVES, which will be used to pay for miners. When processing transactions, miners get paid in WAVES and is proportional to the amount of assets returned at the expense of the Issuer”, — said the representatives of the platform.

In addition, in the new release users now have access to transaction data in the blockchain. Commission for the conduct of such transactions are charged in WAVES and is proportional to the size of the transaction: 100 000 in kilobytes, rounded to the nearest value. The maximum transaction size is 140 KB, at which the Commission will amount to 0,14 WAVES (less than $1).

We will remind, several days earlier Waves opened payment gateway for cryptocurrency Monero Waves in the app Client.