CyClean, the Singapore startup announced its acquisition of the bike-sharing company Ketch’Up from Hong Kong. According to company representatives, this was the first precedent when the purchase is fully paid for with cryptocurrency.

We are the first company to buy a real company with our #cryptocurrency. We
are Proud to be a partner of Hongkong Biggest bike sharing platform #ketch’upbike. Join us : #ICO #Cyclean #partnership #Ketchupbike

— CyClean (@cycleancoin) July 3, 2018

CyClean has acquired 60% stake in the company Simple Things Limited, which is the owner of the platform Ketch’Up. The transaction took place on 29 June at Hong Kong science Park. The payment was in tokens CyClean (50%) and coins JPY (50%).

“CyClean did what another did to no cryptocurrency project. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Ketch’Up, the third in Hong Kong, the bike-sharing company. You can say that these deals are made all the time, but we were the first in history, who bought the company for the cryptocurrency”, — said representatives of the startup.

Have Ketch’Up several sites close to transport hubs of Hong Kong. Bike buyer Ketch’Up, which is worth $1 600, may return on their investment by renting it to other users of the service. At any time the owner can track the bike via GPS. The rental payment is made via mobile app.

We note that recently it became known about the plans of more than 20 banks in Hong Kong to unite in a single trading blockchain platform.