Two well-known criticism of bitcoin — the CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) and the founder and head of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) — gave a joint interview on CNBC.

Presenter did not fail to exploit this opportunity and asked directly:

“Both of you previously said rather unpleasant things about bitcoin. So which one of you hates him more?”.

The first said the legendary investor, CEO and President of Berkshire Hathaway:

“I set a high standard. Don’t know if Jamie beat me to it.”

Buffett in October last year, called the bitcoin “a true bubble” and “asset that produces nothing”. He later said that “the cryptocurrency will come to a bad end”. Also, “Oracle of Omaha” has suggested that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — object of speculation, not investment.

But clearly Warren Buffett spoke at the shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway in may, comparing the first game with “rat poison in the square.”

“You know I don’t want to be press Secretary for bitcoin. Just beware of him,” in turn, respond to a question the head of the largest Bank in the United States.

Jamie Dimon became the chief media critic of bitcoin in September of last year, when amid a wave of growing popularity of cryptocurrency, called BTC a “hoax”. He later claimed it “will end badly”, stated that there will be more to talk about bitcoin, and still came back to the criticism of cryptocurrency.

But in January, Dimon expressed regret that he called bitcoin a “hoax”. And in may, the co-President of JP Morgan Chase Daniel Pinto (Daniel Pinto) admitted that the Bank monitors the cryptocurrency. A little later it became known that the financial conglomerate tasked to develop the strategy for these assets.