Walmart wants to patent the system of delivery of goods using a network of drones. In the patent application, published in late August, it is noted that the retail chain wants to accelerate the transportation of goods and to increase its transparency using the technology of the distributed registry.

According to the authors of the project, a transit point, the parcel will be transferred to another drone, which will start flying to a new destination. Transfer of cargo from one drone to another will be performed by the system identifying each apparatus. Drone will have certain signals by which the phone recognizes a “colleague” and give him the goods.

The next transit point scheme again. All information about the movement of goods will be supplied in a single center placed on the blockchain the platform, the users which will be able in real time to observe the flight of drones.

In the application it is noted that, if necessary, to the work of the blockchain network to build smart contracts. We will remind, earlier it was reported that Walmart has a special interest in blockchain technology. In particular, the giant now uses an intelligent platform for supply chain management.