According to the published patent application, once the packets from Walmart can begin to deliver Autonomous vehicles, connected via the blockchain.

The retail giant filed an application to the Office of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO) in October last year.

In the document among other things, stated the technological tools of protection “gated access” to the client’s house, which will receive packets from the Autonomous ground vehicle — AVG, as highlighted by the company.

The blockchain technology will be part of the solution for “access and encryption-based authentication” that will allow AVG to get into these “closed areas”. In addition, a distributed network can be a method of tracking and authentication products.

“When the customer interacts with the product, the customer is allowed to do this by using private or public key authentication. In response, the root blocks can be added new units, which will contain information regarding the date and time of delivery of the product through AGV, and the authentication key, which is applied to the product”, — explained the application of the blockchain in the application.

The company noted in the application that the proposed system can improve customer loyalty through greater convenience and lower costs through automation.

We will remind that last year it was reported on joint work Walmart, Unilever and IBM over the blockchain-a solution for increasing food safety. This year were published two patent applications Walmart for storing payment data on the blockchain.