American retail chain Walmart patented technology grid technology is a distributed registry, which can limit the supply of electricity and pay for it with cryptocurrency. Patent, application for which was filed in December 2017, published on the website of the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA (USPTO).

According to the developers, their decision is intended to deal with the inefficient use of electricity various appliances and other devices.

They propose to give to each of these devices a certain amount of cryptocurrency, which they will buy electricity in a billing period.

“At the same device on the same network can share resources and energy between themselves in order to maintain its operations for a certain period of time. All transactions will be recorded in the blockchain, and the owner will be able to track which device consumes more energy than it should,” reads the patent.

Also, the developers claim that the network can be programmed to sell excess crypto-currencies to redistribute it to pay for the following billing period.

We will remind, in April, Walmart has filed two applications with the USPTO, in which he described the use of the blockchain to store payment data and protect them from unauthorized access.