Apparently, kryptonim that is not going to end, and across the industry are already reducing — the staff where trade volumes. One of the main signs of stagnation in cryptocracy is the reduction of trading volumes and activity on Twitter. On all the major cryptomeria this figure fell to levels 2017. According to the study Diar, courts can enter into a new plateau with the reduction in volatility and declining markets.

The study also States that the largest crypto currency exchange in the world Binance during the year makes a new high in trading volume. The case in the Bitcoin market/Dollar since December 2018 dropped as much as 40 percent. According now the volume of trade Binance is $ 750 million. Last year this month, the exchange recorded billions of dollars in turnover.

Binance is not the only exchange that is experiencing depression. Record low records and Coinbase: these indicators, the exchange has not seen since may of 2017. Pattern dynamics of exchange Gemini are similar to those Coinbase, here the fall continues.

Source: NewsBTC

Last year the media declared the significantly overstated statistics of the trading volume on many major cryptomeria, but it is impossible to deny the decline in all directions.

Activity on Twitter is declining

In addition to the sharp decline of the volumes there is a decrease in the activity of the crypto community on Twitter is a favorite social platform for people from industry. As noted by the famous cryptanalyst Murad Makhmudov, the number of related tweets cryptocurrency has fallen to the level of 2014. According to him, is a strong indicator of bearish sentiment. It turns out that the end cryptogamy to wait a long time.

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Murad Mahmudov 🚀@MustStopMurad

1/ This screams bearish.
Tweets about Bitcoin at the same level as 2014 and lower than at any point in 2016, like nothing has changed.

That is an absolute disaster for the price in the medium-term in my opinion.

The analyst also tried to make several predictions, the most obvious seems to be the mark in 1700 dollars per BTC in the middle of this year. However, Mahmoud contends that this will create favorable conditions for accumulation, and in the second half we finally wait bullrun.