After a short break cryptomery returned. Come out of hibernation)

In the beginning of the week the price of bitcoin began to overcome multi-month resistance to close at some point on the Bitfinex team close to the level of $7800.

I’m not a T/A expert but I know a significant chart pattern when I see one…

Oh, bitcoin, bitcoin. How many more UPS and downs we have to go through…

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Twitter users called the price surge of bitcoin “at the pump to eliminate Tones of Weiss”. 13 Oct last released data on its first transaction on bitcoin in 2018. Weiss put 1 PTS in the shoulder in the X5 on the decline of bitcoin to $5000. Liquidation of positions will occur at a price of $7650.

Bitcoin vs Bottom Shorters

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another sacrifice :'(

— Jim (@JimBTC) 15 Oct 2018

By the way, abnormal growth of bitcoin were predominantly observed on the stock exchanges where trading USDT. At some point, the discrepancy rate on these exchanges and platforms that do not use USDT made over $1000. Experts have attributed this to massive sales USDT caused by the fears of traders that the token may not have the necessary support in the Fiat.

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Analysts suggested that the Tether around the situation could lead to increased volatility in the market.

In turn, the market of altcoins situation in the medium term, the stabilized support in the area of the minima does not allow the pair to continue to decline, but the region of highs not pass them up.

In a situation where you get all or nothing (or nothing, after got all),..

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…and closing your eyes, you see charts,..

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…the most spooky outfit for Halloween is the costume of the owner of the violas.

Anyway, for true cryptoendoliths purchase of digital assets remains the best investment.

Spending your money right.#crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptomemes #cryptomeme

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Beginners also willing to risk:

The crypt bought it, and then you know what to do:

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This could be us, bitcoin, but your rate is too volatile…

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But nothing. Grow up, when you see fit)

Just relax baby. We’ll move soon 😍#Crypto #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #cryptomemes

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Meanwhile in Russia, the President of Sberbank German Gref said that in the coming years, digital currency will not be a “big future”, but the technology of the blockchain has the potential and will be ready for mass use within a maximum of five years.

Also this week, the world’s largest provider of bitcoin wallets Blockchain has decided to help cryptocurrency projects by conducting airdrop campaigns for its users.

However, in the traditional financial system is also not without the bases:

So true… 🤔🤔
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Let me apply something about the laundering of grandmas across the crypt.

So accustom yourself to good from the beginning:

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…because bitcoin timeless)

Meme of the Day:

I’m not a stablecoin, I’m a stable coin, man.

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Done traditionally, the selection of cryptarcha:

by @theartistmsg

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by art_of_blockchain

Bitcoin Art Gallery (@btcArtGallery) 19 Oct 2018.

thank you fam! more fun to create when there is so much honest love and support <3 feeling grateful and excited to auction art with @TourDeCrypto to raise funds for @hawctalk using #crypto for #good in real time to help real people

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