Lead developer of the Protocol, Casper Vlad Zamfir signed a letter of intent with a research startup Casper Labs, which intends to launch a scalable blockchain on this basis before implementation in Ethereum. This was reported by The Block.

Note that the Casper solution is to modify the consensus algorithm in Ethereum, and its implementation will mark the transition to Proof-Of-Stake (PoS).

As the newspaper notes, previously Casper Labs, have attracted venture capital investment and now intends to Fund the activities Zamfir for many years. Presumably, we are talking about the amount of several million dollars.

However, all studies Zamfira will be in the public domain, and the startup will be a public repository on GitHub.

Several media outlets incorrectly perceived information about a new partnership Zamfir and announced his resignation from the team Ethereum. Himself ideologue PoS ridiculed the headlines about the renunciation from the platform.

My number one priority is obviously my work on Ethereum… lol at crypto journalism 🤦‍♂️https://t.co/oQSxFyOac7

— Vlad Zamfir (@VladZamfir) January 14, 2019

“My priority is the work on Ethereum”.

Add that Zamfir won’t be an employee of the Casper Labs, despite the funding. At the same time, the final version of the contract has not yet been approved.

Recall that the documentation for the solution of Casper, the developers published in November 2018.

Even in the summer Vitalik Buterin stressed that sharding in Ethereum will be implemented after the implementation of the Protocol for Casper.

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