In the words of Alfred Kelly, Executive Director Visa, company can help such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin and Ethereum to break into global markets.

He explained that the cryptocurrency as an asset class do not threaten Vietnam currencies, which are the basis of the Visa product. The introduction of cryptocurrencies in the coming years will only grow and Visa will be to adapt to new realities, he added.

“I think that should start to stabilize a market where cryptocurrency is a role similar to Fiat, then we will not resist. If they move in this direction, and we will go after them. Our task is to stand between all cash flows in the world, no matter what form these currency flows. We are ready for change, but at the moment cryptocurrencies are more a product than a means of payment”.

Visa is one of the most influential companies in the financial sector, but in addition also one of the most profitable, along with MasterCard.

In the long-term Visa will be playing the role of facilitator involvement in cryptosphere new people. According to Kelly, maybe even create a platform for the design of crypto-currency translations, the Commission will go into the pocket of the company.

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