Venture company Andreessen Horowitz allocated their own cryptocurrency Fund a16z crypto $300 million and plans in the next 2-3 years to invest in projects to launch new token and crypto-currencies, and large blockchain network of the highest level and to keep the investment for at least 10 years. The head of the new Fund was Catherine Hawn (Kathryn Haun), co-founder and investor of the project, and informed the Federal Prosecutor.

General partner of Andreessen Horowitz , Chris Dixon (Chris Dixon) said that the company has long-term plans and approach to work with patents. However, he understands that ahead of the stock market is still a lot of UPS and downs, and with the potential of blockchain technology down trend can give opportunities for the best investment. According to him, a16z will invest in the project regardless of the “weather” in the industry.

Recall that the first Andreessen Horowitz investment in cryptosphere was made in 2013 to support cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently estimated an almost $8 billion.