Users of the cryptocurrency exchange WEX began to apply to the Russian police, as it is already more than three months can not withdraw from the site of your cryptocurrencies and Fiat money. About CoinDesk said a trader by the name of Ruslan.

He encourages other users to initiate a formal investigation and said that through the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs sent about 35 applications. For checked according to CoinDesk, starting in October of such statements on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs no less than seven.

WEX was built on the ruins of a closed FBI exchange BTC-e. This summer, the enthusiasm about the revival of BTC-e gave way to complaints about the impossibility of withdrawal, which in parallel led to the inflated prices on site. For example, USDT on WEX is trading at a $6.99, bitcoin at $8602, and the ether at $319.

Traders after several months of waiting for a response from exchange (the last public message WEX tweet was published at the end of August) decided to take the initiative to finally bring back their money and to understand what is really going on in the company.

Ruslan told CoinDesk that he hopes to get law enforcement to take action against the CEO of WEX Dmitri Vasiliev and his team that they could not initiate any new cryptoprocta.

Neither Vasiliev nor the official Twitter account WEX has not responded to requests CoinDesk about the comments.

Questions on the background of the sky-high prices

Users acknowledge that since the trouble began, the possibility of withdrawal from the exchange WEX and some of the coins were, but with very high Commission.

In particular, output was available USDT, zcash for, Namecoin and Peercoin. However, their prices on WEX extremely high compared to the rest of the market, so buy them just to withdraw money, was not profitable.

At some point around the end of July, was available withdrawing Fiat money, however, the Commission has reached 45%.

Soon reports were received of RBC (promptly denied by the administrator of the cryptocurrency platforms) that Dmitri Vasilyev is going to sell the exchange to a certain Dmitry Hevchenko. After that, the withdrawal was finally frozen and Vasiliev later told CoinDesk that he no longer controls the exchange and that its owners do not communicate with him. Who now controls the WEX, and in fact should be responsible for custody of funds of the users is unknown.

Last week, Havenco told CoinDesk that the transaction is completed and money transferred to the seller. However, according to the regulatory body for corporate Affairs and accounting of Singapore, where WEX was, Vasiliev is still considered the owner of the exchange.

Trading volume for WEX, which was previously estimated in the tens of millions of dollars a day, now down to $1 million.