January 8 platform to create peer-to-peer prediction markets Augur appeared bet on Ethereum Classic delisted from the trading platform Coinbase.

Data Augur

The amount of money at a rate of 0.76 is ETH. The expiry date set for 1 January 2020.

Professor of Cornell University, co-Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts and one of the founders of the Bitcoin Protocol NG Emin Sirer Gyun called this rate “the market of murders for Ethereum Classic”.

This is, in effect, an assassination market for ETC.

Emin Gün Sirer (@el33th4xor) January 10, 2019

Probably the decadent mood of the users associated with the recent “attack 51%” on the network etc.

We will remind, earlier ETCDEV leading the project team Ethereum Classic (ETC), collapsed because of funding problems.

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