Officials of the U.S. Secret service (USSS) has appealed to Congress with a request to assess the potential of legislative measures against cryptocurrency, providing increased privacy.

Speaking before the Committee on financial services U.S. house of representatives, Deputy assistant Director of the office of investigations, USSS Robert Novi (Robert Novy) stated that Congress needs to pay attention to this problem.

“We also need to consider additional legislative or regulatory actions to address potential problems associated with cryptocurrencies with improved anonymity services to hide the transaction on the blockchain (the so-called cryptocurrency “Laundry” or “mixers”) and mining pools,” said Robert Novi congressmen.

He did not name a specific cryptocurrency. But we know that concern as law enforcers and regulators are calling, for example, gaining popularity in darknet Manero, zcash for and Dash.

Given the slow pace of proceedings in the legislature of the United States, the official USSS hardly expected instant reaction of the congressmen. Therefore, he asked that they remember about the issue:

“In fact, the constant attention of Congress is necessary to preserve the legitimate law enforcement access to essential sources of evidence regardless of where and in what form the information is stored,” — said Robert of Novi.