Cofounder cryptocurrency ZenCash, 29-year-old officer of the National guard of the United States Joshua Philip About suspect in stolen military armored personnel carriers from the army base in Virginia, according to the Times of Altai state medical University.

According to the publication, the vehicle crawler was stolen from Fort Pickett in Blackstone on the evening of 5 June. The police chased About about two hours before he stopped and surrendered.

According to police, the vehicle was not equipped with weapons, but personal weapons without ammunition was found at About. According to preliminary information, at the time of arrest he was under the influence of drugs.

Currently, the mental state of the officer appreciated by the specialists of the Central state hospital of Virginia.

In comments to the Associated Press About reported that used car on behalf of the commander of the brigade in training and test the response of the police and denies that he was at that moment under the influence of drugs.

“This is a big “no” capital letters”, — he said.

Note that the experience of military service Joshua About is more than 11 years. In 2008-2009 he served in Afghanistan, and in 2014 worked in the research center NASA Langley.

About known as one of the developers of the early versions of the cryptocurrency ZenCash, which is confirmed by official company statement. In the course of work on the project he had deliberately left in the system vulnerability that could be used to attack the network. Later this vulnerability was eliminated.

We will remind, earlier this month the network ZenCash was subjected to “attack 51%”, which the attackers stole $550 thousand in bitcoin ZEN.

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