The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand until the end of November intends to issue a certificate the first in the country the ICO portal. In December it will be able to start primary supply of coins, approved by the regulator. This writes the Bangkok Post.

According to the Secretary-General SEC, RAPI Sucharitakul through ICO portals the regulator will check the source code of smart contracts for each project, as well as their compliance with KYC and AML. However, he warned investors that the approval of krautsalat controller does not guarantee its success.

“We continue to warn investors about the risks associated with participation in the ICO, which can be scams and offer illiquid to trade tokens”, — said the RAPI Sucharitakul.

Recall regulations ICO in Thailand came into effect from July 16. Immediately thereafter the SEC approved five primary offerings of coins from local companies.

Previously, Thailand had adopted a law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, according to which all cryptocurrency companies are required to license their activities.