A few strange announcement on the BitcoinTalk forum in which the user WalletBuyer offers to buy for $5,000 old bitcoin wallets.

“The requirements are as follows:

— coins mainelis in the period from 2008 to 2010 inclusive;

— produced at least 300 BTC;

— accepted format wallet.dat or private keys;

purse must be 0 BTC. You will not be able to use it again;

— acquire up to three purses, relevant to the above criteria.”

WalletBuyer added that will pay for the purchase in stages, perhaps through the escrow account. He also warned that it would be difficult to cheat:

“I know about the different zero-day vulnerabilities, including WinRAR exploits. Please do not waste your and my time if you are a scammer. I’m not easy prey.”

One of the first shared in social networks this information, the investment Director at Altana Digital Currency Fund Alistair Milne.

I wonder who this could be? 🤔🤣#bitcoin pic.twitter.com/Mzk82y7GYF

— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) March 24, 2019

“I wonder who that could be?”

Soon corresponding topic have appeared on Reddit:

somebody is paying $5000 for old mining wallet in bitcointalk.org. why he did this? for what? from Bitcoin

Users immediately began to make various guesses about the identity of the author of the ad. Many have suggested that the interested in buying old wallets can only be Craig Wright or Faketoshi, as it is often called in cryptosuite.

One of the users said that the ad specified the year 2008, when there was generated the first bitcoin block.

“2008?! An idiotic mistake. This is exactly Faketoshi”. Discuss current news and events on the Forum