A subsidiary of the investment company VanEck, MV Index Solutions, has launched the first index to track bitcoin Bitcoin MVIS US OTC Spot Index (MVBTCO) for which data will provide an OTC Trading platform, Genesis, Cumberland and Circle Trade.

It is expected that the new index will become a reliable guide for making institutional clients solutions in relation to investment products and will help to avoid the manipulation of the cryptocurrency market. In VanEck also plan to use MVIS US OTC Spot Bitcoin Index work bitcoin ETF, requiring approval from the SEC.

Recall that in early November of cryptocurrency P2P exchange Hodl Hodl announced the launch in partnership with the licensed in the European Union brokerage company Tenbagger platform for OTC trading (OTC) bitcoin. And the venture capital unit of the crypto currency exchange Binance is investing $3 million into a trading platform (OTC) trading of cryptocurrency Trading Koi. The head of the Binance , Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao) believes that the market OTC trading cryptocurrencies is approximately equal exchange. Previously, experts noted the intensification of institutional investors in the OTC cryptocurrency trading. And China’s growing OTC cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency market have replaced the users closed by the authorities last year exchange.