Three Ukrainian Taras Later, Roman Gorodechnyi and Dmitry Semerenko made the ascent to Everest “to raise tokens ASKfm above all in the world” and leave at the height of 8848 meters from the crypto Ledger ASKT 500 million tokens (equivalent to $50 thousand) for someone who wants to have it. The second was on mount Everest the crypto with the same amount will be awarded as part of the marketing activity cryptoprocta.

Climbing Everest was accompanied by dramatic moments. During the descent, the story of one climber, the team split: Semerenko immediately went down, and Gorodechnyi and Late, in which snow and wind badly damaged eye and had frostbite on certain parts of the face, remained at the level of 7900 meters. One of the three accompanying the expedition, the Nepali Sherpa Babu Lam (Lam Babu), has lagged behind the team and, as predpolagaetsya, died because of snow blindness or physical exhaustion.

The next day Late is worse, to reduce the pain he had to take stronger medication, and in the second camp, climbers are advised to immediately call rescuers. Once the Ukrainians have activated friends at home, they managed to summon a helicopter, which brought the team down.

“And we slept in a tent, on a sleeping pad (not inflatable) dressed in highland costumes and covered with a sleeping bag, who knows what -17 inside the tent-you will understand me. The helicopter was at 6:10 in the morning))) Although never before 9:00 did not arrive!!! Miracles!!!”, later, Roman told Gorodechnyi.