The village Yelyzavetivka Dnipropetrovsk region legitimize cryptocurrencies. After making that decision every resident of the village was bought for 1 coin Cardano (ADA).

The head of the village Council Maxim Golosnoy said that investment in the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) was $534.

“Each member of the territorial community, who lived and had the right to vote in the territory of the Elizabethan village Council as of 1 January 2015, acquired one cryptogenic. We purchased her for 14 cents. Today, cardan Ada is to 25.6 cents, that is, it is profitable”, – quotes the elected official edition of the Informant.

Such investments only know in the village Council, and local residents don’t know about the start of the officials anything. The following information was provided by the journalists of the local TV channel.

In addition, the Chairman of the village Council said that the heads of neighboring communities also want to legalize cryptocurrency. The legality of such investments requires changes in the Charter of the territorial community, to an asset that you can make the tools targamade.

The second stage is obtaining permission from the SBU, the NAB, the national Bank, the Verkhovna Rada concerning legality of use of budgetary funds for the purchase of cryptocurrency. Funds from the budget allocated from the segment fulfillment.