In the Twitter account who died in March this year, the Creator of the financial pyramid “MMM” Sergei Mavrodi has announced the launch of “Mauro office” where people can exchange coupons MMM for free MVR.

Well… Rest and enough.
Launched Mavro office where you can exchange old tickets for MMM new MVR, Which already listed on stock exchanges:
Expected growth! #Bremm #YoBit #mavro #mmm #bitcoin #MMMGLOBAL
Financial Apocalypse Is Inevitable! =))

— Sergey Mavrodi (@Sergey_Mavrody) May 18, 2018

The users have told that next week will be open for another twenty similar offices.

On the launch of the COIN MVR offices:
One of the offices #Mavro is already running, next week will earn another 20 offices in the regions! In which you will be able to exchange Tickets MMM 94 MVR:
The cost of one ticket #MMM 94 1 #MVR (7$) at the rate of exchange!!!

— Sergey Mavrodi (@Sergey_Mavrody) May 18, 2018

Recall that in December, commenting on the fall in the exchange rate of bitcoin, Mavrodi promised to release in 2018 own cryptocurrency.