Popular streaming service Twitch has suspended payment support subscriptions using cryptocurrency. This drew the attention of a Reddit user.

Twitch earlier supported the payment in cryptocurrency mediated processing service BitPay, however, “has removed this option in the past couple of weeks for all countries.” Some participants said that will cancel existing subscriptions, to protest against the act of “negative spread”, initiated by the Amazon-owned platform.

Earlier this week, another user on Reddit reported that the developer FOR streaming Streamlabs, actively used by the organizers of the broadcasts to collect donations, content management, etc., has also discontinued support for the cryptocurrency. The newly released version does not contain the corresponding payment options.

Twitch to date has not commented on the events. One of the reasons the company’s solutions could be a small demand for cryptocurrency payments among its clients. A number of Reddit users said that they didn’t even know about this possibility until recent events.

For the first time support for cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, on Twitch and in Streamlabs was implemented in mid-2018 is the last payment used the services of American stock exchange Coinbase.

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