The founders of the “cryptocurrency” project Turcoin the Sadun Kaya and Mohammad Satiroglu arrested as part of an ongoing investigation about the organization of financial pyramids. About it reports the local edition of Hurriyet Daily.

Three more employees of the Turcoin police bail.

Satiroglu and Kaya was detained in June, but later Satiroglu was paroled. Their arrest probably indicates that investigators found new evidence of their guilt.

It is expected that the organizers of the pyramid will stay until adjudication of the case.

Recall that launched in 2017 “cryptocurrency” project Turcoin turned out to be a pyramid scheme became known in early June, according to several investors. They reported that behind the cryptocurrency Turcoin Hipper company has suspended the payment of bonus payments and the Istanbul center for customer support stopped responding to calls.

Then the Sadun Kaya had left the country with 100 million Turkish liras (over $21.1 million) raised from the Turkish investors. In turn, Muhammad Satiroglu denied allegations of illegal activity, but the site refused to disclose. Turcoin accounts in Turkish banks were closed by the authorities.