The Trustee of the defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox could use the platform BitPoint for sale large amount of bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash, according to documents associated with the proceedings for bankruptcy of the company in Tokyo district court and released by a group representing the interests of the affected creditors

The documents are scans of transactions of the exchange BitPoint and are assumed to reflect the process of selling cryptocurrencies with $318 million to repay obligations to former customers of Mt. Gox its Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi.

“If BitPoint not too generous, we claim that the reason for the transfer of billions of yen to the Bank account of the Trustee lies in the fact that the exchange was hired to sell possessions MtGox in BTC/BCH”, — says the publication.

In the beginning of 2018, the network has spread information that the depreciation of bitcoin, which was launched at the time could relate to the elimination of reserves Mt. Gox through the public exchange of cryptocurrencies. Kobayashi in his defense stated that he sold the cryptocurrency thus, in order not to put pressure on the price of the asset.

GoxDox also quoted the CEO of the exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell, which presumably drew Kobayashi for assistance in the liquidation of assets. Powell recommended to use for the sale of large amounts of cryptocurrency OTC platform.

“Instead of having to follow the advice of the Kraken, the Trustee decided to (1) sell, (2) not to tell anyone about how he sold, (3) to hire another so-called “crypto expert” to sell BTC/BCH”, notes GoxDox. Discuss current news and events on the Forum