According to the latest reports, Tron collects more requests to Google than Ethereum, and the preponderance continues to increase. According to representatives of the Dapp Review, in the top 50 of the ecosystem of decentralized applications 23 projects account for Tron. First place in the Dapp Radar is also an application of the network. The company demonstrates persistent and dynamic work, confidently ahead of the Ethereum ecosystem. Over the past few months surpassed Tron third cryptocurrency world as part of the transaction volume, number of accounts, the dynamics of prices and terms ecosystem of decentralized

At least last year the guys from Tron did a great job, while the Ethereum consistently lose ground. Tron stayed surprisingly stable throughout the bear market. Approximately the same trends can be seen in Google Trends. The General Director of Tron Justin San has already set many targets for the development of the industry dApps. To implement the goals they came up thoroughly.

Source: Google Trends

Independent research Institute Dapp Review has published the latest statistics for decentralized applications. In accordance with this Tron and the EOS going head to head on the daily number of active users. In the ranking of the top 50 came in at exactly 23 applications each network. And the network Ethereum has not been a single active user.

Source: Coingape

Does Dapp Review any benefit from promoting Tron? The Institute replied that they are not interested “, shillito any tokens”. They are more interested in real applications and users. They noted the significant progress of the network and impressive plans for 2019.

Source: Coingape

In addition, one of the decentralized applications Tron took first place in the Dapp Radar — in-game Epic Dragon during the day there were 7.4 thousand active users.

Today Tron TRX is trading at a price of 0,027 dollars.