Team Aldona TRON (TRX), the tenth by market capitalization of cryptocurrency, launched a beta version of its own independent public blockchain.

Now based cryptocurrency is the blockchain Ethereum, the launch of beta testing the network MainNet TRON is a step to move to their own blockchain Odyssey 2.0.

The beta period will last for MainNet the greater part of June full launch of the Genesis block is scheduled on June 25.

“Migration” of tokens will happen from 21 to 24 June. During this period, investors can through the crypto currency exchange to exchange your standard tokens TRX Protocol ERC-20 for the equivalent number of tokens on the new blockchain.

The transition to an independent network of developers TRON support the application for the competition with Ethereum as the base blockchain-a platform on which decentralized applications. The new network TRON will use the algorithm of consensus on the “proof of share ownership” (PoS).

According to TRON developers, internal testing has shown that their network is “400 times faster” than Ethereum.

The team was appointed on June 26, “Superpractical elections”, during which members of the TRON community will vote for new rules governing the network.

We will remind, last week it was reported that the Creator of the cryptocurrency TRON Justin San (Justin Sun) is considering buying the company BitTorrent Inc, despite previous trial with her.