At the end of 2018 on the East European markets P2P platform LocalBitcoins in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan was recorded the largest trading volumes over the past 12 months. This is evidenced by CoinDance.


For the week of December 29 2018 January 5, 2019, the trading volume on the Russian market LocalBitcoins reached 4 565 BTC – record values for a single 7 days may 6, 2017.

In Vietnam terms, this amount corresponds to 1.24 billion rubles. This is the highest figure after the record that was recorded in a week, which started on 20 January 2018.


In the Ukrainian segment were also recorded to a record high in December. So, for 7 days from 15 December 2018 on LocalBitcoins was conducted transaction on 161 BTC, which is only 1 BTC less than the value achieved during the week of may 6, 2017, and is the third highest in the history of this market.

Two weeks later, for the next 7 days on the Ukrainian market LocalBitcoins was exchanged 160 BTC, which is the fourth largest result for this segment.


For the week 15 December 2018 on LocalBitcoins for Romanian LEU were exchanged for 63 BTC. This is the largest value for a single 7 days of June 2017.


The trading volume between the Kazakh tenge (KZT) and BTC also reached record highs at the end of 2018 – a week that began December 29. In this period, the site was exchanged 23 BTC – 2 BTC less than the record week of April 8, 2017.

We will remind that as of October, Russia was the leader in trading volume on LocalBitcoins.