Market capitalization is shrinking. From the beginning of may is 11.6%. The share of bitcoin while during the same period remains unchanged at 37.3%, but the Ethereum increased its share by 15.9% to 18.22% of total capitalization.

BTCUSD under pressure

Discussed the $8093 as an important to achieve. Now it is necessary to observe the behavior of traders beside him. If you hold out, the correction will go up to $8395. In light of the fact that the trend remains downward – purchase threat. In trying to find the best entry point to Buy you can try to open long positions on Bitcoin near $8093, but stop under the low of yesterday.


Zcash for fulfills upward channel and if we will be held to the level of $260, it is necessary to use it for new purchases of the asset. While the activity of buyers has slowed from a high of $356 downward correction has reached 20%, which creates conditions for more price drop and then a strong support at $260, aktualisierte purchase.

BCTEUR to €7615

The trend of sales continues. I propose to follow the conservative scenario and to buy only when you change the General mood on the market. Monitor the price of €6720, as it is a break-down may postpone the purchase BTCEUR for the next week, at least.

ETCUSD (Ethereum Classic)

Should try to buy at the current price with a target at $16,80 within the release from the newly formed trends. Stop under the low of the current day. Very small, about 4%. Hang up even 7-10% is possible to fix profit.

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