The talks between Putin and trump are having a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market. We have already discussed that political and economic events that are live traders in the currency market, the stock is also attractive to both capturadora. Today, the demand for the main top ten ranked it to the political background. Since the beginning of the trading day leading assets of the stock market in positive territory from 4% for Bitcoin to 11% EOS. Capitalization, thus, rose in the first day of the week by 4.3%.


Work with a purpose of growth at the level of $6746. For entry point for new positions, can use the tactics of the breakdown of the maximum of the current day, or a pullback to $6539, there is a signal on Buy, enter the market and goal at $6746.


Well, that and formed a technical target of $510, which previously we were expecting earlier. Purchase relevant exactly to this level.


The continuation of the upward movement, I don’t judge. Is it worth buying we understand by the end of Monday-Tuesday. If the daily candle to get the price close above the downward trend-may-June, and tomorrow we get a retest of this broken line, then you can afford to increase long positions.


In the framework of General optimism, you can try to bribe the asset in the medium-term portfolio, but for such purposes I am confused by the lack of testing support at $143. Offer to keep the purchase below $200 (entry point, see the related last week). Now, for new positions, you can work on a bounce up from the trend of growth from July 12, or to update the day’s high.


Yet this asset I do not like to trade. I have no confidence that is to work out the Monero speculation, until a clearer technical guidance. On H1 levels left, but trade expectations, yet will not build.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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