Trading ideas for the cryptocurrency on 14 may 2018.

BCTEUR to $7340

On yesterday’s purchases stop order did not work and again at the same price where the open position BTCEUR turns up. The downward correction is not over yet, because to buy, perhaps even a little earlier. But, at the moment the risk is small, under the minimum of $6800. If you have the opportunity to install a few more feet, or, conservatively, wait for the beginning of the growth of the asset, we note that $6620 is possible to achieve, but there is confident growth can be called the momentum of the breakout of the resistance at $7340.

MBTUSD (MilliBitcoin)

On the one hand, it turns out that in terms of sales can only stay around a price of $7,806. While the buyer is a strong no.

On the other hand, buying may become relevant in the range of $7,64-$8,25, that is, in the next few days is to follow the behavior of the asset and to be prepared in these levels buy your way back. A bounce up today, the price of $8,25 may not be long-term to $8,50.

EOSUSD fork $13,7050

Mood may sales that can be called a logical correction after the growth of the asset is more than 500% since March 18. The current price is exactly 50% of the previous growth.

If profit-taking will keep its momentum, the further the target, where it can sit the buyer located at a mark of $11.4. EOS the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, the interest of buyers to her back.

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