Trading ideas by cryptocurrency on may 13, 2018

Bitcoin purchases from $8280

Bitcoin tactics on the day provides for the purchase from the trend on may 12. At the static level for today $8280 would be a logical point to identify the continuation of downward momentum (if held break-down of $8280). Reducing Bitcoin can continue to price $8093.

Please note that technically the $8093 coincides with the third ray of the Fibonacci fan from the growth of prices since April 2.

The share capitalization of Bitcoin as of may 13, in the total market capitalization, is 37.8%. Over the last 7 trading days share growth amounted to only 2.7%.

While Ethereum below $677,00

Our goal fall to the level of $620 was almost won, that is technically true calculated market sentiment. Today in ETHUSD until the price is below $677 the decline may continue up to $650. At the end of the week significant volatility do not wait.

The share capitalization of Ethereum as of may 13, in the total market capitalization is of 17.55%. Over the last 7 trading days share growth amounted to 1,62%.

. Correction to 0,0157

Litecoin, the sixth in the market capitalization ($7.6 billion), with the beginning of the trading day goes down in price by 2.4 percent, dropping to $125,48. Paired with Bitcoin, technically, the decline may continue to the level 0,0157, that is a strong support since the end of March. Fundamentally, the impression that will try to roll back below Litecoin, not to give work out the good news. Thus, it became known that the purse Abra will support the cryptocurrency Litecoin. In dollars Litecoin (LTCUSD) plays a corrective growth from the end of March. As of may 13, have already leveled to 62% of the increase in the price from $97 to $171.

BCTEUR $8600

The trend is bullish, and buying priority. For new long positions $6730 can be a extreme lower point. Draw Your attention to the fact that the correction down may 5 began after reaching the middle of the rising trend (see slanted lines in black, 50% of the width, marked with a red line), in addition, the expansion of Fibonacci $8170 is the first upside target BTCEUR. A further increase to the current level of $8600 and $10 020.

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