Over the last 7 trading days Tron is still in drawdown of 7%. Other leading currencies in the black from 1.15% (Litecoin) to 15% (Bitcoin to Cash). Since the beginning of the trading day all of the leading cryptocurrency capitalization of ten in the black from 1% to 3.3%. Total market capitalization for the week is changing positively. Special trading volatility today around noon GMT that is attributable to the publication of US data about the change in trade balance for April.


It is impossible to say with absolute certainty, yet, but sometimes observed pattern of behavior of US dollar and Bitcoin. During heavy bursts of buying activity, or sales, Bitcoin goes in the opposite direction from the USDX. Provided that on the U.S. currency against a basket of other currencies, there has been a reduction potential of at least 0.5%, Bitcoin has a chance to grow. Yesterday discussed how the cryptocurrency market will be attractive in the near future as a way of diversifying investment.

The current growth may pause near the level of $7723. New shopping and as soon as the price strengthens above $7723. The goal to $8071. If $7723 stand, then wait for retest of $7500.


The technical picture unchanged as long as the price below $615 reserve sale for $580-538. For purchases, the price needs to settle above $615. Target will lie for the price of $650.


Let’s work within the day. To buy going to be the price fixed above $14,2320. The goal is to trend lower from 3 may. If buyers can’t pass up $14,2320 today, the asset can fall by 5.8% to $13,4000.


The goal was $220, and now the upward correction came to $238. This decreasing trend on M30. There is no strong signal on the daily chart, therefore let’s work within the day. For ZECUSD as long as prices are trending lower from the June 3 M30 – sale $of 229.5-220,79. Buy opened when the break-up of $238 to $249.


For Monero to our expectations again coincide with the actual painting. The signal for purchase was updated yesterday. Today persistent attitude to buy XMRUSD. For new purchases, try short stop under $165,58. The goal to $171-177.

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