Today a dozen leading cryptocurrency resumed their decline. The leader of the fall, as at 15:00 GMT go Ethereum, Cardano, Bitcoin and Cash IOTA with losses of 3.5% to 3.8%. The least promazyvaetsya Tether and the Bitcoin ~0,1%. Market capitalization, remember, is still in a downward dynamics and was now at the lowest levels since April of this year.


My technical expectations for the acquisition include the need of breaking up the $6400 and that the price was fixed there. Break-up trends may 5, which is descending, is also not yet happened. For confident purchases we need to see the activity of buyers. In addition, H1 clearly shows resistance at $6200-6230. Today is work at this price. Break up – a possibility to buy with a target of $6440. Hang down sale to $6120-5930.


Buying at current prices within the hang down from growth trends with 2017 should be restricted from losses in the neighborhood of $400. The target is maximum to the declining trend in prices since may 5, which is about $500-510.

Within the day a buy position opened when the break-up downward trend from June 24.


Until price will not stop the decline, and will not be a breakdown of the top trends of the fall in June – buy premature. Only if it is not short-term speculation within the day.

In day today work at $8,05. While the prices are higher – a move up possible to $8.4. The decrease under the $8,05 will cause the short sales to $7,73.


Are unable to interrupt the fall of the asset for June. While waiting for an entry point to purchase, which will appear in the breakdown of the downward trend in the last month. Sales zcash for possible at least at current prices, but the downside target is not yet further than to the level of $161-164.


Monero is to restore the third day in a row. There are two versions of action – buy at current prices, stop loss under the level of $108 and the expectation of rising to a price of $170, where a few days ago I worked out a strong sell orders. The second option is to wait for break up price to $133 and then to build up purchases of $40 up.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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