Today’s the day for the stock market is relatively quiet. Leading a dozen traded with mixed dynamics, while the maximum growth does not exceed 1%, and drop 5 of the 10 instruments ranges from 0.3% to 2%.

The total market capitalization of not surprising dynamics for the environment was a drawdown of 3.2%, but by evening the position was restored.


Found new resistance: $6740-6800. While it is trading below this range – not worth buying. The higher the trading range for $6800 will be a reason to buy the asset in the portfolio with a target of $7034


The orientation of the descending trend line from may 6 and $540. A break up is the reason for the growth to the level of $573. The first bounce down from the trend 6 June. A second course of the same resistance in such a short period of time in most cases ends with a breakdown. It’s not a definite pattern, but the probability of breaking the resistance is higher than the rebound. In any case, acting with an eye on the picture of the dynamics.


Yesterday the second scenario the purchase is fulfilled, but not completed. The picture is not changing, technical work on the painting of the old days. Resistance $10,80 and support $10,20. New buy position opened when the break-up of resistance $10,7166 – goal by $11,4000.


There is no break-up trends the fall from the beginning of June. Buyer power there, and the price has stalled at just under the trend line last month. Today I like the idea of buying from $200 to $210. The price rose to around $200 and come to a standstill, is advocated. Break up very quickly implements a 5% increase.


Key levels for Monero I corrected the number. Working on H1 for him. Support of $119,99-120,00, the purpose of growth to rebound up to $of 127.95. Above is the $133,32, and below, in the fall, pick up the asset at a price of $112,94.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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