Since the beginning of the trading day a dozen leading cryptocurrency in the black. Positive dynamics on the capitalization of yielding from 2% EOS 12% TRON. However, I draw Your attention that the trend of the decrease of capitalization has not yet broken. Optimistic to increase cryptocurrency in the portfolios of medium-hold is premature. Or, it is too early to say unequivocally that it’s time to calm down and not to wait for further reduction in the price of Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.


And short-term purchases have worked out to $6600, and have a reason to open buy to $7000-7034. Discussed yesterday that America will be more active from a trading point of view – and she was not long in coming. Goal of $7000-7034 discussed in June is the correction level of Fibonacci 23.6% of the recent fall in the price of Bitcoin from 6th may.


Suddenly, I realized optimistic scenario for the asset purchases to $508. Now the growth slowdown is possible in the range of $538-539. Apply on the chart the descending trend line from may 6 and focus on the first touch prices and this resistance. It is more likely that there will be a rebound. That is to buy – the reason of profit.


Technically obedient asset. One of the best to work for the last few months from the point of view of testing the key resistance intraday. Purchase $10,6558 worked. Congratulations. New positions opened: 1) break up resistance $10,7166 – the goal to $11,5000. 2) decrease to $10,2300, hang up and purchase.


The idea is this: since I began bursts of buying activity, the downward trend in June may be easily and quickly broken up by reaching the level of $210. Buy from $200 to $210 – I don’t like. Small goal, but you need to put stop (while technically different, there is no reason to set stop loss) for a whopping $181. The transaction turns ugly. Offer or keep shopping, if You opened them to $210. Otherwise, we buy after the price breaks the trend of falling for June, will test the level of 210, roll back down – and after that we will open Buy.


But the behavior of the Monero yesterday we interpreted incorrectly, and expectations for a reduction to the target of $116,16 deferred. The sluggish dynamics of the asset was worked out to the sharp rise, instead of decline to the support 13 June. While that growth target will be the level of $132,20. The $128 survived.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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