Dynamics leading dozens of cryptocurrencies as of 18:00 GMT mostly negative. Global traders are in focus in the data on the US labor market and the minutes of the U.S. Federal reserve at a rate that may distract capturadora in the foreign exchange and stock markets. The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, at the same time, continues a moderate recovery.


Save since yesterday the resistance at $6652. Purchases can be open at the break up point. The goal of $8000. That is, buy and hold position. To break up the $6652 to sell up to $6448.


Yet the breakout of the resistance at $482 price can go to $450. Yesterday we waited at the level of $482 will take place on technical suspension, and continue to focus on this level for future purchases. After breaking up the $482 buy for $510.


Work on growth trends from June 29. The rebound up will be the reason to buy the $9,4000. If you can not resist from falling, then the short sale will open at $8,5015.


Today work at $179,9. Break-down – sales up to $174,82. The hang up is about rising to the level of $195,9.


Since yesterday, save the idea that new purchases can be open after the break-up of $143,76. Goal of $157,46 and $170. However, if the price will go below $136,59, sales relevant to the level of ~$125,87. Although, the exit (short) I would be looking at the dynamics of price behaviour.

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