Buyers on cryptocurrencies can already start to congratulate on a moderate recovery. The good news from a technical point of view, I note an upward trend in total market capitalization. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that in a world of global dynamics of the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector went into decline. This triggered a growing interest in the cryptocurrency.

Dynamics leading dozens of cryptocurrencies as of 12:00 MSK was absolutely positive. The greatest advantage was EOS +12,5%, IOTA +11%, Cardano +10.3 per cent. Bitcoin was in the black by only 4%. As of 20:00 Moscow time the picture is less rosy: 4 asset left on negative territory, and 6 with positive dynamics traded +0.07 percent to +3.7 percent.


The idea of long positions is logical and past purchases are justified. Once broken the downward trend-may-June, prior to the renewal of the low scenario of growth is a priority for us (from a purely technical point of view). Goal in the range of $8000.

Now closer to the action on the cue ball: new purchases should open when subject to the breakdown maximum July 3 ($6650). The second variant – if will cause a rebound up from the level of $6559, you can also consider the option of a buy entry. While the tactics will be.


On the daily chart held a breakdown of the top trends for may-June, which can be viewed as a script to start long positions. However, it is not necessary to hurry up with a unique solution. Just temporarily, at the moment, give priority to long positions.

Buy trade logically to open within the rebound up from the line of the uptrend. Second option: break up the level of $480. Upside target could be around $510.


Previous levels itself worked great. Now move the technical guidelines. Now a good trading situation. Working in support for 3 July. Buy logical, while the minimum value is not updated. Aim for maximum of a month. If the price will go under the low of the day – to-sales trend line from June 29. The target estimated level of sales 8,4999.


A surge in buying activity and price growth zcash for exceeded our previous goal. Now I propose to consider a new purchase when rebound up from the range of $175. Only if there will be formed a bounce up. A short-term deal to Buy to work for you.


Over the past couple of guidelines are well practiced technical picture. Now I suggest to use the $135,87. If you end up buying for $140 and a break-down promises to move in the range of $128.

Maria Salnikova, an independent currency strategist, especially for CoinSpot
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