Last week began a public presale of cryptocurrency tokens TDZ trading platform Tradelize. “Coins” of the project can be purchased for $ 1. USA with various bonuses at different stages: before July 14 buyers of tokens are offered a 15 percent bonus.

Ecosystem Tradelize was developed to combine on the same platform professional traders, holders of the cryptocurrency and beginners market. She offers them customized solutions that help reduce barriers to entry and investment into the cryptocurrency markets, and provides significant economic benefits to sharks of business and beginners in the industry.

The platform is arranged as a synergistic network based on several levels of the interface. For ordinary investors, there is Tradelize.web. This interface gives you the ability to monitor the behavior on the markets of professional traders with the highest ratings. Unique closed database and ranking system Tradelize.score that contains 100% reliable information, to help users identify the most effective traders. In turn, Tradelize.the app will be the perfect market entry for newcomers. It is so accessible and understandable that due to her almost every housewife, student or a doctor to learn to invest wisely and get results no worse than the professionals.

Finally, a revolutionary software solution Tradelize.terminal with direct access to cryptgenkey designed for professional traders. It allows you to trade on most global cryptoamnesia, providing users with maximum liquidity. The app provides market players a complex trading instruments for work on a professional level: for example, search arbitrage, interface customization, risk management, smart orders, multi-screen layout, the news feed and the ability to connect purses. It is expected that their experience in examination and trading activities, in turn, will help attract newcomers to the ecosystem. The product is a standalone software solution for direct to market (DMA) with a familiar and intuitive interface for trading in major world cryptomancer. Tradelize.terminal is made so that professional traders are able to analyze data using a single application without having to switch between different exchangers to collect information.

To work within the ecosystem will be a token TDZ; it will be calculated on transactions and to compensate the experts who share their experiences through Tradelize.web.

To develop the most effective methods for managing investments and assets, Tradelize plans to allocate 80% of the funds collected in the sale of tokens to attract the most successful traders. They will receive up to 500 thousand dollars. USA.

“Tradelize allows any holder of the cryptocurrency to earn on a par with the experienced players in the market. Imagine that hundreds of professional traders nonstop work for you. In turn, by the professionals, the platform offers a unique set of tools to trade. Our ecosystem allows to obtain a product that is actually prepared to individual order for each type of audience, professional traders, holders of the cryptocurrency and beginners market,” said CEO and founder Tradelize Anton Zapolsky (Anton Zapolskyi).

For more information about the project can be found on the website