Trade platform for security-tokens tZero from retail giant Overstock is held exclusively in the hours of the American session as brokerage services to traders provides new York’s Dinosaur Financial Group, reported CoinDesk.

Note that the first 10 tokens tZero was purchased for $8 that lower prices STO more than 20%. However, the participants in presale at the time, had the opportunity to buy coins in between $5-$8.

Follow the quotes tZero and create orders in this case can only be approved by users who are accredited investors.

At the same time, the company plans to allow users in the future to trade 24/7. TZero also presumably intends to obtain a license broker-dealer and to August, to open access to retail investors.

The main income tZero intends to obtain from conducting tomenselo for other companies, however, the representatives of the platform do not deny that is possible in the future implementation of fees for the auction.

Recall, start tZero was held last Thursday.