Tom Lee, Fundstrat head and one of the most popular analysts in the cryptocurrency community this week attracted the attention of the media optimistic predictions about bitcoin in spite of the current decline in prices.

Soon you will act as a lecturer at the conference organized Blockshow Asia Blockchain Week, which will be held in Singapore from 27 November to 1 December. In anticipation of this event, Lee expressed his point of view on the current situation in the field of cryptocurrency and the future of digital assets and technology of the blockchain.

So, in an interview with online Crypto Chick said that bitcoin has the potential to overcome in 2019 barrier of $20 000. According to his analysis, 80% of scenarios similar to the current situation, the price of bitcoin grew. Lee noted that Ethereum also has a high chance to achieve a price level of $2000, given its active dissemination. According to him, even the pessimists in respect of the Ethereum have a chance to profit, if you buy tokens at the current price.

The analyst said, now the price of bitcoin is very close to the average cost of mining that makes it possible to predict a sharp price jump in the near future.

He also noted that he expects to see bitcoin most profitable bitcoin in 2019:

Bitcoin is preparing for a breakthrough. He found support around the level of $6000, which is equivalent to break-even taking into account the cost of mining… last year we saw that the most successful cryptocurrency showed maximum growth in the number of users (namely the EOS, XLM, BTC and DOGE). I expect that bitcoin will be next year one of the most profitable cryptocurrency.

In response to the question about Whether USDT he said he trusts the team Tether:

I believe USDT provided the us dollar, and nourish the the credibility of the team’s Tether. Stabilini is an original concept, and I hope that they work.

According to the materials of Ethereum World News