The company TokenSoft launched custody service for cold storage security tokens.

Announcing Knox Wallet with the strength of its namesake fort and the most modern experience for issuers storing digital securities: cold storage, multi-sig, mobile first. Learn more in our press release:

— TokenSoft Inc. (@TokenSoftInc) on 29 January 2019 R.

The beta version of service of wallets for security tokens called Knox supports the function of multipoles. The decision focused on the corporate sector and is suitable for storage as a regular cryptocurrency and digital asset with the characteristics of the securities.

“Wallet provides the highest level of security, says co-founder TokenSoft Mason Board. — Industry of digital assets steadily evolved over the past few years. Digital securities is a new stage of its development”

He also called purse Knox “the first decision of the custodian for securities of a new type”.

Wallet supports standards ERC20, DS-20 (Securitize), ST-20 (Polymath) and R-tokens platform Harbor. He also “friendly” to the more familiar community assets such as bitcoin and ether. However, the Board stressed that the developers have focused on security-token, not the crypto. On the other hand, such tokens can be issued on the Ethereum blockchains, Stellar, as well as on platforms or R3 Hyperledger.

The release of the full version of wallet, available to a wide range of market participants, is expected in the coming months.

Note that the company TokenSoft also helps other firms to carry out taransay in accordance with the laws of the United States, and has positioned itself as a broker-dealer.

ForkLog previously reported on the integration of solutions from TokenSoft with the custodian platform Coinbase Custody-oriented institutional investors.

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